Is Taylor Swift REALLY saving the US Economy?



Jul 24, 2023

Taylor Swift's Era's Tour is making some serious waves, and economists are getting creative with words like 'Swiftflation' – I mean, can we blame ‘em? Cities in the USA are renaming themselves as ‘Swift City’ temporarily, while Prime Ministers are personally inviting her to come visit their country. All of this has gotten us extremely curious about the impact of ‘MOTHER’, especially on the current state of the U.S. economy. 

Since March, when this powerhouse tour kicked off, it's been soaring to the top of the charts, even catching the watchful eye of the Federal Reserve in the U.S. That's right, T-Swizzle has become a money-making machine!

I know what you're thinking – one artist, one tour, can she really be generating that much moolah? Oh, she absolutely is! With 131 concerts spanning 17 states and 5 continents, Taylor's fans are turning up in droves to catch a glimpse of their idol in action.

Let's break this down into the different tourism sectors: 

🎯 Impact on the hospitality industry:

Take Philadelphia, for example. While it's slowly recovering from the pandemic, Taylor's concerts turned May into the mightiest month for hotel revenue in the city. It's like her Swifties brought a tidal wave of tourism!

And hold onto your wallets, folks, because when the tour hits cities like Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, and Kansas City, hotel prices go through the roof! It's a race to book rooms, and online platforms are crashing faster than you can say "I'm a Swiftie!"

Chicago saw an average of 44,000 hotel room bookings each night she performed, boosting hotel revenue in Chicago to USD $39 million. 

💅🏽 Food, fashion, and travel:

The cash trail doesn't end with the hospitality industry. A few ‘Swifties’ were questioned on QuestionPro about their spending habits during the Eras Tour, and guess what? On average, each fan shelled out a cool $1300 on outfits, travel, and food! 

With Taylor playing for over 150,000 to 200,000 fans in every city she is driving in, can you imagine the boom she's causing? 

🎟️ Tickets: 

A 3-hour Taylor Swift concert is pure gold, and so are those ticket prices! We're talking anywhere from $349.90 to a jaw-dropping $1,249.90! Sure, they might start at $79.90, but if you want that prime spot, you better be ready to fork out $379.90 for the 'A Reserve'.

To put this into perspective; Taylor's recent concert at Denver raked in an eye-popping USD $38 million just from ticket sales! That's a whopping 63% of what the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre made in ticket sales the entire last year. Yep, our mind is officially blown!

In fact, the Federal Reserve is giving Taylor's tour a nod in its Beige Book, talking about the economic impact she's having all over the country. She's like a musical superhero, saving the economy one concert at a time! 

Her Eras Tour is estimated to reel in USD $4.6 Billion, which is larger than the GDP of 35 countries. Miss Taylor, herself, is ‘swiftly’ churning over USD $13 million, PER NIGHT. Talk about a powerhouse of finance. The girl goes for the dough. 

🤔 Now, let's come to the real reason you're here – Is TS really single-handedly saving the US economy?

Well, not exactly. The US economy is a massive USD $20.28 trillion beast, and while Tay Tay's concerts are making a dent, they won't make or break it. But girl, are they making their mark and shaking things up!

In conclusion, Taylor Swift may not be the sole saviour of the economy, but she's certainly an economic force to be reckoned with! So, let's bow down to the Queen of Pop for her world-conquering tour and the billions she's injecting into various sectors. You go, Taylor!

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