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Your relationship with money

Every person’s relationship with money is unique, how we are raised to think about it, how much of it we had and how much we think we need — all shapes a collective experience around it. This relationship impacts the temperament towards investments. Mumbai-based Ayush Garg, an MBA student with SPJIMR believes that patience is something that is very important to handle investments. It needs to built, nurtured studied, worked around and given the attention it needs for its growth, he tells us

At the age of 24, I have invested about 30–40% of my savings in stock markets. Thanks to my friends, a bunch of us get together, discuss and take an investment call. I am young, I have a high risk appetite. So I decided to spread my wings. May be when I grow a little older, I may change my investing strategy.

Over the last three years of my investing journey, I have learnt not to try to ride the wave of rise and fall of a stock blindly based on market sentiments. I also follow news closely to get the added benefits of rich dividends from trading. I keep my portfolio diversified to reduce risk. The most important lesson I have learnt is to be patient with my investments.

While I am learning my ways with stocks, I am also exploring futures and options, just to add a whole new dimension to my investment basket. I don’t have it all figured out, there are some pain points in my investing journey. As of now I find it difficult to choose the right stock and also to decide a timeline to hold it to get maximum returns in a short span of time. This is something I am still working on. I also feel as a student its difficult to get steady source of income thereby it impacts the incremental growth of my savings and investment, but I look at it as a beginning of my investing journey.

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