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Girls have this innate ability to get into their father’s hearts and wrap them around their fingers. It doesn’t matter whether the girl is 6, 16 or for that matter 30 or even 50. Fathers will remain their first heroes and the go-to person for everything, including finance.

30-year-old Hyderabad based Marketing Manager, Mridula Krothapalli, tells us has been no different for her.

I remember pa telling me when I was 21 or 22, “Mridula, you can afford to be young without money, but it is too risky to be old without it.” But in my mind, it was like, “ Pa is there no, he will take care. Also at 23, the lens you wear is totally different and my initial salaries just made it more colourful.

It was only after I got married, that I actually started saving money. Well, at least a part of it. The honeymoon period ended when I became a parent myself. That is when the need for saving and investing for the future hit me hard.

Now, my husband and I are getting into the path of being disciplined about this and have chosen MFs as one source of investment, while building a corpus for investing in real estate is the other.

I know we have a long way to go, in terms of our investments. But I am happy that we have started walking this way. We will make a few mistakes, but we will learn and earn along the way.

After all, investing is a journey and it’s the journey which is more interesting than the destination.

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