Your shopping and saving guide this festive season✨

Budgeting & Saving


Nov 24, 2022

‘Tis the season! It’s October - which means you are getting hit by a million festival sales and gifting ads every day. ‘Tis also that time of the year when we’re itching to spend until December! Worried about this creating a dent in your hard-earned savings? We’re here to give you some tactical tips to enjoy the festivities, while still maintaining that bank balance.

🧘‍♀️A mindful budget

Yes, we know you’ve heard about budgeting everywhere - and here’s our take on it. A budget can help you do two things: (1) not feel guilty about spending (you’ve given yourself an allowance), and (2) not overspend, or at the very least understand where you may be overspending. Mindfulness while making these decisions is key. Remember to give yourself some wiggle room, so that the end of the festive season continues to remain joyous!

✂️ Cut down on unnecessary stuff…

Inflation is here, and here to stay. And it’s high. Ask yourself if you really need that new sari or outfit for a friend’s Diwali party. Or if you really need to buy expensive sweets to give to someone. Or if you really need fancy new lamps to decorate the house. Trim the fat - and reuse stuff as much as possible. Prioritisation needs to be ruthless. These decisions are never easy, but can give you peace of mind once the season is done. You’ll be dealing with less stuff in the house, and more bank in your pocket. Sounds like a good deal to us! … but also indulge 😋It’s no fun to be in frugal mode all the time. Give yourself an indulgence budget. Treat yo’self. You’ve earned it, girl! Disclaimer here tho’: do not borrow to indulge. Debt traps are scary - and not the kind of scare we need for Halloween 👻

💵 Stash the cash from aunties and uncles

Who doesn’t like to receive that heavy envelope from aunties and uncles? We sure do! Of course, you must do what you like with this extra moolah, but consider investing some of it before you indulge. Hey, while you’re at it, consider donating some portion of it to the not-so-privileged. Giving back feels gooooood.

🛒 Go for those festive sales - ONLY for stuff you wanted to buy in the first place

Sales are GREAT. Some of those discounts are jaw dropping - for real. BUT, curb yourself. Add stuff to your cart but only stuff you were looking to buy in the first place.

🔋And finally: Power through with the Power Card

Not only does the Basis Power Card come with spending limits, you can also just use it as your “festival account”. Load a certain amount to your account, and keep that as your festive budget. You get rewards (read: DEEP discounts on brands you ❤, including some gifting brands that are perfect for the season!), or cashback on every transaction, so it really is a win-win. And the card is accepted online and offline, wherever RuPay is accepted.

🎊We hope you find some of these tips useful. Have a fun, safe and relaxing festive season!

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Ace your financial game with us.

 Up to 3% cashback daily •
No joining fees

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