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Jun 15, 2020

Last week we closed in on the 1st cohort of Inner Circle Leaders for Basis. Why this initiative, you might ask? Let’s take you through exactly where this idea was born, and how we went about choosing our Leaders.

Financial literacy isn’t easy to begin with. It gets just a little tougher when you’re searching for reliable information. Then your arduous journey just gets worse when you’re looking for like-minded people or a space where you can feel okay discussing and learning topics without the inhibitions of being judged.

Basis is a platform focused on financial independence for women, and we want to create strong communities tailored to, more specifically, your interests.

We shortlisted 23 Inner Circle Leaders, who will drive their own sub-communities within the Basis App. Let’s take a look at each Leader, her vision behind the community, and what she is looking to achieve through her Circle.

Sujitha S - Her Finance, Her Choice

Women should manage their own personal finances. Anyone who joins the circle shall get access to necessary resources and the support system to give her the confidence to invest the money any other way she wants.

Vatsalya Mandava, Women who Talk Money

Let’s break money matters together. A judgment free zone for women seeking to take charge of their finances, looking for a money mentor and trying to figure out how finance can be different for women.

Radhika Sangwikar, Monergize

Saving and spending sensibly is a habit that’s good for literally everybody.

For women, financial independence isn't just a matter of strength; it's a matter of necessity.

Longevity plus wage and opportunity inequality mean women need to work harder, save more, and be in charge of their finances.

Managing your money is a prerequisite for financial comfort. Irrespective of the economic strata, every woman should have the means to support herself. Each woman has to learn and make an effort to go beyond routine work and embark on the journey of updating herself on the options available for securing the future.

Money management should not be learnt by women only in case of emergencies; it should become part of her daily life.

So if you are a woman like me, and if you are single or married, working or not working let’s start taking better control of our financial lives starting today.

Shilpashree Jagannathan, Womenomics

Start an exciting and rewarding financial journey.

Jincy Varghese, enricHER

The circle name could have been enRICHer instead of enricHER, but when a woman decides to enrich HERself, she becomes rich already. And that's the whole point.

Sukanya Das, Superwomen in Control

Welcoming all Superwoman to our Financial group. Let's face it, we are superhuman in almost all tasks but a few paces behind when it comes to money - handling , investing and using the right instruments. Let's get together and change that! Join the circle for interesting updates that empower you throughout your life.

Pearl Agarwal, HerStory Makers

Celebrating the unique and inspiring journey of tenacious women towards financial empowerment. A fun and supportive platform to share resources and learn about personal finances and investing.

Anushka Sapre, Thrifty she

What's as important as earning, to gain true independence? Learning how to manage income. Let's open doors to empowerment through hacks to monetary wisdom, channelize earnings and embrace financial freedom.

Disha Pande, Finance Roundtable

The Roundtable gives a platform to ladies to connect and figure out how to adequately maintain their financial well being by keeping in mind their different priorities and goals as wage earners, caregivers, travellers, etc.

Anmol Sarah Mathew, Her Money Moves

Her Money Moves is a circle for all women who are in search of direction on how to divide their earnings/savings into different types of investments.

How to make sure that “her money moves” towards building more assets in the span of 1-5-10 year goal plans

This community would target empowering women to think/plan about their financial dreams regardless of what stage of life they are in. We’ll start Now!

Sapna Surendran, Money Plant

Your legit, easy-peasy, eco-friendly, complete ,happy one-stop shop for all money matters and prosperity.

Khushboo Raghani, Jeet

This is a space where working women from across industries come together to discuss and understand managing finances which however personal needs open discussion, educational and right mentorship! We at Jeet, believe in the success of our women folk through every aspect of life! By growth, by happiness, by Jeet!

Prachi Sharma, HerMoney

Being financially independent excites us all. However, what does it feel like to be financially empowered? Let's collaborate to build a cohesive space, where everybody gets access to most relevant resources and two way financial advice. HerMoney HerChoice!

Swati Vasishta, Her Money Matters

Every working woman should invest; be it for personal goals, children's education, supporting parents, medical emergency, tax-saving, social impact or simply to achieve higher returns in the long-term. You could be an engineer, an entrepreneur, a doctor, an accountant, an IT professional or an artist; no matter your personal or professional goals, we believe every woman deserves to have access to the knowledge of personal finance management. Join us in this community circle of "Her Money Matters" so we can simplify investing together and embark on a journey to redefine what it means to invest, like a woman.

Neha Singhwal, Budding Alchemists

Alchemists, they say, turn any metal into gold. With the right investments you can grow your money and progress towards fulfilling your aspirations. Conversations on money and making dreams come true.

Deepika P, SheFin - We split the bills

This circle is for all the women who want to take control of their finances. Women need not and should not be dependent on males of the family for their financial decisions may it be investments, savings or creating wealth. By being a part of this circle you will be in a better position to make sound financial decisions. So, take control NOW.

Lahar Mehta, Vision Women

Women who will step into tomorrow with Confidence, Conviction and Power. Together.

Swetha Rajmohan, Kanya Dhan

Penny Wise and Pound Wiser!

Safe space to share your stories - successes and failures, to learn how to speak the language of money, learn affirmations and build secure relationships. Community is meant to empower and heal - so here we are!

Manisha Dhingra, Taking Charge

Let's take charge of our finances. Let's be unapologetic and learn a little bit every day.

We are taking charge!

Namrata Patel, Women Who Invest

A circle where we learn about Money Management, Investments and Financial Security. Empowering ourselves to take the right financial decisions at the right time. Come, let's ELEVATE our lives!

Shweta Pandey, Women in Power

When you have a goal in mind, it’s easier to avoid getting thrown off track. Create a goal or investing strategy and stick to it.

This Circle would target to advise women about money management and control. you will gain confidence and competence to become financial change agents.

All it takes is a little grit, hustle, and determination. it's time to start something new by joining us and trust the magic of beginning

Keroli, Wise Woman's Wealth

Never struggle alone with financial issues again.

Join Wise Woman's Wealth for building habits, skills and tools that are critical for financial success. Money is integrated with almost every aspect of our lives and we have monthly expert meets on a variety of wealth-related topics.

Ask for support and contribute your own special skills in our women-centric community.

Now that you’ve met the Inner Circle Leaders (ICLs), we’re just as excited about the ICLs as you are! Each Circle Leader has built their own Circle within the Basis app, where they will build a community that aims at achieving their Circle goals.

You can join a community by Signing up on the Basis app, clicking on the Community section, and Exploring the communities further.

Sounds exciting? Get started on your journey to financial independence, now!

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Ace your financial game with us.

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No joining fees

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