Top 5 Finance Books by Women You Should Be Reading Today



Oct 16, 2021

What's your reading jam? Are you the kind of person who gets into a book on a bus or the metro and forgets to get down at your stop? Or the kind who likes to read under the blanket in the dead of night with a flashlight for company?

Literary genres are about the same as cuisines - we all have our own distinguished palates when it comes to choosing favourites. But there will always be some gastronomical gems that bind us together as human beings - chocolate for example, and instant ramen (if you're not a fan, sound off in the comments!).

And so it is with reading lists too. We thought we'd bring you some evergreen delights from the world of personal finance guidebooks. Here are the top 5 titles written by - you guessed it - women, that you should go look up right away!

Why read books about money when you can get all the advice you want on the internet?

The titles we've chosen have been written by women who've lived and breathed the topics they're writing about. Personal finance is an ocean, and having a recommended reading list is one way to make you feel like there is someone to hold your hand and watch over you as you take those brave steps towards financial independence. You can always go back for a second (or hundredth) look, recalibrate, reboot, and restart, all at your own pace.

Clever Girl Finance - Ditch Debt, Save Money and Build Real Wealth by Bola Sokunbi

What better way to learn about finances than reading about women like yourself who have taken the leap? Bola Sokunbi lets you in on the personal histories of women for whom the stars did (and didn't) align on their ways to financial freedom. She also tells you how you should be resetting your financial compass by listening to yourself. If you've been feeling swamped and disoriented by all the loud and not entirely well-intentioned financial advice out there, you'll find many friendly voices to resonate with in this book.

On My Two Feet - A Modern Girl's Guide to Personal Finance by Manisha Thakor and Sharon Kedar

A succinct, no-nonsense guide to budgeting, building credit, making a reserve fund, retirement planning, and pretty much every other financial milestone in your life. The authors are graduates of the Harvard Business School, so you can take their word for it that personal finance is made out to look more complex than it seems. This book helps you get your fundamentals in place so you can stop walking and start soaring towards your financial goals.

We Should All Be Millionaires By Rachel Rodgers

Building wealth? Sounds challenging but doable. Now add all the potential deterrents that we women come across in our lives and your financial roadmap can start looking a lot less clear. Introducing Rachel Rodgers and her salt-of-the-earth writing that provides the much-needed love when you're feeling blue, and the fire you need to go the extra mile. This book shows you how to keep a level head through skyrocketing financial success as well as downturns you might face. Remember, it’s all part of fulfilling your financial destiny!

Let's Talk Money by Monika Halan

The difference between planning rigorously and planning smartly, illustrated in a nutshell by illustrious Indian author Monika Halan. Just as a house is built brick by brick, so is a financial future constructed one good decision at a time. Halan emphasizes the need for dedication but also perceptiveness so that you can pave the road to your financial happiness instead of chasing the rosy-hued dreams that marketers lay out for you.

Get Good with Money - Ten Simple Steps to Becoming Financially Whole by Tiffany Aliche

Financial independence and lifelong learning are synonymous with one another. Aliche is the teacher and life coach we all wished we had at school. This book is a chameleon among financial guides for its ability to appeal to the sensibilities of investors and learners of all ages and backgrounds. Financial insecurities can come in waves and combating them takes canniness and adaptability. We guarantee you'll discover yourself and your financial strengths along the way!

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