Basis Member in Focus: Anushka Sapre, A Story of Finding Financial Freedom



Sep 9, 2020

“I’ve been pushed into discussions that I don’t even want to be in and I’m given advice as to what I should invest in by my male counterparts and when asked why - “because I did, you should too.”

These were the exact words that Basis Community Member, Anushka Sapre said when we caught up with her on a conversation about money.

For millions of women out there, financial literacy is still a dream. A distant dream. While we are all in different stages of her life, we can all agree that financial independence is something that we all have not really achieved.


The world is so full of information irrelevant to us, that it requires a great deal of energy and time to just sift through all that information before we find something useful. This was also what happened with Anushka. That was until she found Basis.“There’s no thought about it, no education and that’s why I started to use Basis - I’ve become more confident to take part in conversations like this.”“⁃ When I got an increase in salary I wanted to invest it when I even brought up the idea of a SIP the first reaction I got was “arrey but why” “save some more and then we can see”⁃ The attitude is not just with women but we look to our male partners for everything, we need to be a part of discussions even if we are right or wrong.”But that’s not all. Women shy away from conversations on money. That was precisely our question we asked Anushka.

Do you think women are not a part of financial discussions because they’re scared or because they are unaware?


What about for you? Before and after Basis

“I have definitely gained confidence - I can now say yes ok tell me, I can go and actually understand the terms of something and will not jump into anything without understanding first. “That’s the type of confidence I have gained and I want other women to as well - join Basis and get something similar”Understand your salary, how can you save - I want that confidence for me and for the women around me.”

So before basis were you part of conversations but more as a listener?

Yes! I actively feel like I take part in conversations now.Is there anything specific you’re interested in?Gold bonds, how they work. Invest a lump sum but have the liquidity to a fraction only and the rest stays invested - can’t remember what the scheme is called? There was this really nice webinar that Dipika had conducted on goal planning. What we discussed was basically how a woman could change her mindset towards building specific goals as against general ones that we are used to hearing - like for example, planning for a holiday, or buying a house.The journey to financial independence is one that sometimes takes a very long time. But when better than to begin now? Basis is a space that allows women like Anushka, you and me to find ourselves and discover what structured finances can actually do for us.

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Basis is a first-of-its-kind platform, aimed at enabling women to achieve financial independence through expert advice, in-app knowledge Boosters and supportive communities.

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Ace your financial game with us.

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Ace your financial game with us.

 Up to 3% cashback daily •
No joining fees

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