Financial Advice for Women in their 20s



Oct 10, 2021

If you're reading this, congratulations! You've just made a positive move towards a financially fabulous future. Which of these terms most accurately describes you?

  • Twenty-something and so broke.

  • Twenty-something and financially secure.

  • Twenty-something and financially clueless.

Whatever your answer may be, we're here to help you pave the path between your ambitions and the financial independence that will take you closer to fulfilling them.

Staying Informed

It's always good to be in on the latest financial buzz: IPOs, cryptocurrencies, emerging markets and sundry, but what do you zero in on when you're in the twenties club?

How much are you expected to know, how much should you have done already, how can you dispel the fog and catch up with the others (whatever that means)?

Financial planning is both a race against time and an honest appraisal of your life goals.

The first thing you need to know is that it's never too late to get your game-face on, whip out your stationery (physical or virtual) and draw up a spreadsheet for your savings, investments and expenses. Plan in a way that makes you happy - being too self-critical can kill your motivation to follow your own plans in the long run.

Organizing your finances

Chalk down the funnels into which your income should be going - check out the 6-jar budgeting method recommended by Basis.

Set aside funds for your savings and investments before tallying your daily/monthly expenses. This will lend you a different perspective in terms of what percentage you’re currently spending and how much you can afford to re-allocate to the better side.

Ask yourself - are you where you'd like to be with regard to much you've saved up and what you're saving up for?

Get, set, goal!

Do you have a short-term goal, like buying a new phone or going on your dream vacation? Long-term goals such as financing your higher education or buying property? And the grandparent of all financial goals - stress-free retirement?

If you're hyperventilating or breaking into a stress sweat at this point, relax - Basis has a smorgasbord of goal calculators that'll help you sort out your investments in a jiffy. We even make recommendations for mutual funds that are best suited to each type of goal!

Feel free to throw in some goals for any indulgence you've been craving, provided it doesn't eat into what you're setting aside for higher-priority goals. If it does, then take a few steps back and reconsider this part of your budget- the decision is always in your capable hands.

Happily and healthily insured

And finally, how do you make sure large expenses such as potential medical bills don't get in the way of this top-notch financial plan of yours?

By buying the right health insurance of course! Basis' one-of-a-kind insurance recommendation engine picks out health insurance policies based on your profile - all you have to do is answer 7 simple questions. To top it all off, you get a free consultation with a specialist who puts your needs as a woman first.

Avast, Self-doubt!

Self-doubt inflicts itself upon all of us some time or another. If you’re ever feeling angsty or unhealthily pressured, head over to the Basis community for some warmth and support from the sisterhood. We’re always here to listen and give you the nudges you need to pursue those financial goals.

Remember, you can always start small - ₹500 to ₹1000 a month in mutual funds SIPs can do wonders for your financial self-esteem. As you gain confidence, aim higher!

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Ace your financial game with us.

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Ace your financial game with us.

 Up to 3% cashback daily •
No joining fees

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