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Here are some answers to your commonly asked questions about our services and products.

1. How will Basis help me learn about investing?

There is a ton of content out there that will teach you about finance and investing. However, we understand that a lot of it is too complex and hard to understand. Keeping this in mind, we’ve worked on building a simplified, interactive learning product where you can understand the what / why / how of investing when you’re on the go. Currently, we have text based bite-sized learning modules and will be looking to add some fun video content over the course of the next few months.

2. How much knowledge should I have before I start investing?

At Basis, we believe that knowing the basics about returns, risk, inflation, how certain financial products work (check out the learning modules in our app for more details on these!), and having a basic pulse on the market is enough for you to take that plunge. Over time, we believe that you will get more comfortable with the world of investing.

3. Can I invest on Basis?

Yes! You can invest your savings, save taxes and grow your money for your life goals through the Basis app, which is designed especially for women. Our proprietary algorithm takes your specific details into account, runs thousands of simulations, and then suggests mutual funds that will help you meet your unique goals.

4. Why should I trust Basis?

Great question. We get it. Before embarking on a financial journey with a new product or person, it is very important that you can trust it/her. Basis is a SEBI licensed investment adviser, with registration number INA200012559.

Other than being licensed by India’s securities regulator, here is some more information about us:

People: We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard: we aim to never do anything that’s not right for you, our customer.

Services: Knowing our customer is something we consider our first priority. We have and continue to conduct extensive research to cater to your financial needs and life aspirations. We team up with experts to ensure the right content and advice is presented to you.

Security: We build the best technology with highest security standards to keep your information and interests safe.

5. How does the Basis referral bonus work?

For every 5 friends who sign up on Basis using your referral code, we will reward you with ₹250/-

6. What if I have additional questions?

We are glad you asked! We are available via email to help answer any further questions you may have about investing – and we absolutely love hearing from customers. Drop us a note at hello@getbasis.co